Procell prevents fish from stress during transportation, maintenance and water change, by protecting the mucous membrane of fish surface. Procell also detoxifies chlorine and heavy metal, and prevent the toxicosis.
This product is manufactured strictly under a quality control standard that is the same level as that for medicines.

Procell protects fishfs mucous membrane.
Procell neutralizes and detoxifies heavy metal that is harmful to fish.
Procell neutralizes chlorine contained in the tap water.
Precell is for fresh water use.

qMechanism of mucous membrane protection and heavy metal detoxificationr
Procell protects the mucous membrane of fish surface by forming an artificial mucous membrane through organic polymers that display polarity. The mucous membrane of fish surface has a negative charge, and the positive pole of organic polymers form artificial mucous membrane by binding with the negative layer. The formed artificial mucous membrane protects the fish body surface, and prevents the fish from stress during transportation, maintenance and water change.

Procell, with its chelate agent contained, also detoxifies heavy metal, and prevents the toxicosis.
Furthermore, with a power of neutralizing chlorine, Procell is suitable for removing chlorine.

Use in the proportion of 50-60ml of Procell to 100L of water.

Examples of application in aquarium tanks
Width ~ Depth ~ Height (mm) Water (L) Procell (ml)
450~300~300 35 20
600~300~300 60 30
900~450~450 160 80

qDATAr Experiment on copper detoxification
Experiment Accumulated death rate
With Procell 0
Control 40
* Accumulated death rate when exposed to 3ppm of copper